Jay Curtis - Creative Director



Jay Curtis became The Creative Lifeguard in 1994 and began writing and producing promos and presentations for TV stations, networks and program distributors. In 1996 The Creative Lifeguard came to the CBS Television Network and began working as the network’s in-house on-air brand manager. At that time the network was sitting somewhere between #3 and #4. The Creative Lifeguard began developing, shooting and producing CBS IDs, Night Opens and other elements of the network promo architecture. That work has included gathering agencies and graphic companies to pitch campaigns and looks for the network and then guiding development from concept to air. He has also been the executive producer of CBS Mondo Star Shoots for 15 years. In that time, working with the late great, Ron Scalera CBS has risen to become the #1 network season after season.

The Creative Lifeguard has worked with the NFL on Super Bowl XLI and Super Bowl XLIV and with the NCAA on the Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four for over 10 years. Other special projects have included CBS Upfront presentations, on-air holiday packages as well as projects for CBS Sports, News and affiliate stations.

The Creative Lifeguard has also written and produced 10 State of Our Art: Advertising, Promotion and Design presentations for the BPME and later PROMAX conventions.

While continuing to do special projects for CBS, the Creative Lifeguard is now available to produce projects for other companies.